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Whats with the new design

Wednesday May 13, 2009

Yes, the colors are a bit much, but it's a very exciting design for me. This is my first theme using Drupal's color module. I've been meaning to learn how to use it for quite some time. So, last weekend I sat down and decided to not get up until I had it down. This was no small task as this was one of the more complicated Drupal APIs that I have yet to learn. It's not that difficult to understand, there are just a lot of moving parts. I'll do a more extensive blog post about the inner workings of the theme, but in short, you can pick the background color, link and text color, and pick a gradient for the top-right block using a simple color picker. I'm hoping to polish this one up and submit it to as my first contrib theme!

DrupliconOne of the most fun parts of the project was to create a colorable Druplicon. I traced some of the highlights and shadows from the Druplicon in Illustrator, then added these to my base.png for the color module. Now, when you color your theme, the Druplicon becomes the same color as your site links!

I'm super excited about having this in my arsenal because it provides some elegant, helpful features when handing off a site to a non-technical administrator. You really don't even need the complicated background images. You can use the color module for something as basic as just letting them select the link and text colors. Very cool stuff!!